Advantages of Chromium Carbide Coated FAE mulcher teeth

Advantages of Chromium Carbide Coated FAE mulcher teeth

Of the best hardening techniques that most factories are using today is the hard-facing. This is a process by which the manufacturer coats tools with a hard metal to enhance their strength and hardness. Note that there are many benefits that come with hardened wear parts and that includes FAE mulcher teeth.

Chromium carbide is one of the popular metals that factories are using for hardfacing. That is because of the numerous benefits that it has over most of the alternative metals. So what are the main advantages of investing in chromium carbide hardfaced FAE mulcher teeth? Well, here are some of the key benefits

High Hardness and strength

Chromium carbide hard faced FAE mulcher teeth offers incredibly higher strength and hardness. That is why it is one of the most preferred coating materials by most machine wear parts factories.  If you need to mulch tough vegetation such as the brushes and tree limbs, then this is the kind of FAE mulcher teeth that you need. They offer the much-needed strength to the mulcher teeth to handle the harshest conditions.

High Performance

The second thing that you get from chromium carbide hard faced FAE mulcher teeth is high productivity. That is because they can retain sharpness for long. Therefore, you are to mulch at peak performance for a long time. That will impact greatly on the productivity of the mulching machine. So whether you are doing mulching for domestic needs or commercial needs, then you need to consider chromium carbide coated FAE mulcher teeth.

High Wear and Abrasion Resistance

Mulching can be extremely abrasive especially if you are dealing with abrasive conditions. Therefore, if you are making anything out the venture as well reduce the cost of maintenance, then you wear and abrasive resistant hardfaced FAE mulcher teeth. That is what chromium carbide material provides. The coating offers extremely high wear and abrasion resistance features. The material produces teeth that can withstand the most abrasive conditions.

Extended Lifespan

The lifespan of your FAE mulcher teeth should be one of the key features to consider while shopping. You need to invest in the kind of teeth that can last for long. That is how you reduce the cost of maintaining the equipment. That is what chromium carbide hardfaced FAE mulcher teeth are offering. The chromium carbide material does not wear down that easily. The material also offers high resistance to abrasion.


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