These Are Best Maintenance Tips For Fecon Mulching Head Teeth

These Are Best Maintenance Tips For Fecon Mulching Head Teeth

Simple research may have helped you in understanding what the maintenance process for your Fecon mulching teeth is all about. Here are some guiding pointers on how to keep your Fecon mulching head teeth well maintained:

Pay Close Attention to The Hardware

Interestingly, the hardware does not perform the actual task per se’. However, it is an integral part that regulates the performance of the Fecon mulching teeth. Malfunction in the hardware leads to equal malfunction on the entire system, including the mulching teeth. It is advised that you should be keen to listen to any vibration coming from the hardware. In an instance where such a vibration is noticed, it indicates that the bolts and nuts attached to the teeth could be loose. Make sure the necessary tightening is done.

Check The Hydraulic System

It might interest you to know that almost every function in a Fecon mulching system is dependent on hydraulic mechanisms. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the functionality of the hydraulic system since it can adversely affect the performance of the Fecon Mulching head teeth. You are advised to check fluid levels and refill when necessary to avoid any damage to the teeth.

Inspect the Area You Intend to Mulch

Some of the intense damages on the Fecon mulcher are a result of external forces that deform or interrupt the movement of the teeth. In this regard, it is important to ensure that the ground you intend to mulch is clear and that there are no huge rocks along the way. The nuts and bolts can easily turn loose due to such impacts hence compromising the overall functionality of the system.

Consult an Expert

An expert and nothing less must always conduct maintenance of your Fecon Mulching Head teething. A knowledgeable person understands the overall functionality of the teeth hence cannot aggravate the problem at hand.

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