4 Types of Mulcher Teeth You Can Choose From

4 Types of Mulcher Teeth You Can Choose From

There are many types of mulcher teeth that buyers can pick from in the market. Unfortunately, most people, especially the newbies in the mulching industry do not know about these alternatives. To most people, what they know about are the original which they get from the manufacturers’ store while making a replacement.

However, there are more than 4 options the mulcher teeth buyers can pick from. However, these 4 available options may differ a little especially when it comes to quality and sometimes their longevity. Here are the 4 types of teeth that you can buy from:

Original manufacturer

The original manufacturer is the company or factory that produced the wood chipper machine you are using. In short, it is the brand of the machine you are using. For instance, if you are using an FAE wood chipper, then FAE is the original manufacturer in this case. Original producers are highly recommended due to the quality of their tools. In addition, the fact that they are the original manufacturer is the first designer of the mulcher teeth parts means only the best reach their customers.

OEM Manufacturer

These are mulcher teeth that are not originally made by the company that is selling them. For instance, you may have FAE selling mulching teeth that were produced by another company. OEM mulcher teeth manufacturers are increasingly becoming popular due to a number of benefits that their products come with. For instance, they are sold at a lower price compared to the originals for the same high quality.

Aftermarket Manufacturers

The aftermarket mulcher teeth is another category of that is becoming increasingly popular in the market. They are almost the same as the OEM, but there is a slight difference in brand name. Aftermarkets sell their products as an independent brand but specify the machine brand that they are compatible with. These factories usually manufacture mulcher teeth for almost all the popular brands. Their products are also cheaper compared to OEMs and Original, but the quality is good if you are buying from a reputable factory.

Refurbished Teeth

As the name suggests, refurbished mulcher teeth are types of teeth that have been used but repaired to restore them. They could have been a matter of broken or worn out carbide which was restored. Refurbished teeth are easily available in the market since even the small factories near you are to produce them. It is also essential to note that they are the cheapest you can get in the market.

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