What to look for in posthole auger replacement teeth

What to look for in posthole auger replacement teeth

Once your posthole digger starts aging, the first thing that you will start noticing is the reduced cutting performance. You will also begin to see a significant reduction in the overall output of the machine. That is an indication that your post hole auger teeth need a replacement. To ensure that your drilling machine operation is back to normal, you need to replace faulty teeth.

However, buying the perfect teeth in the market can be a challenge. There are some types of teeth with varying yet they can be used on the post hole auger. So how can you tell a good posthole auger replacement teeth(click here to know more about it)? Here are things that you should look out for:


When it comes to the quality of posthole auger replacement teeth, you should concentrate on the material used.  However, that is something most people are hesitant to check while buying replacement teeth. Quality is crucial since it affects the performance of the teeth and the overall productivity of the machine. Check the quality of the material used for their construction. The tip should be of the highest grade of carbide material, which is tungsten carbide. The body should be made of high-quality steel material.

The size of the Teeth

This is one of the most critical things to check while shopping for auger teeth. Users must always understand that posthole augers are different in sizes, and so is the replacement teeth. Depending on the type auger you are using, you need to have the right teeth. If you are buying from the dealer, you need to confirm that right size of teeth that you need. Fortunately, reputable companies have their teeth labeled properly to help read the size.


The longevity of post hole auger replacement teeth is another critical factor to consider. You need to invest in drilling tools that last for long if you want to get value for money. However, the type of material that has been used for the construction of the teeth is what matters. Highest grade tungsten carbide and alloys of steel last for long.

Brazing strength

Last but not least is the use of brazing technology. It is a feature that you need to look out for in the post hole auger replacement teeth. Braze welding produces powerful joints that cannot break easily. These are joints that can withstand the toughest drilling conditions. Make sure that the quality of brazing is a guarantee.


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