Tips To Maximize on your Wood Tub Grinder

Tips To Maximize on your Wood Tub Grinder

The ultimate goal of any operator is to gain peak productivity of their equipment. However, very few machines hit the peak of their performance. What is interesting is that machines are not the problem as many would tend to think- operators are. Therefore, if you have a tub wood grinder that is producing below par, then you need to check how you have been using it and probably make necessary changes. What is important to note is that machine produces depending on the conditions they are put in. So what can you do to maximize your wood tub grinder productivity? Check out these tips:

Wear Parts Maintenance

One of the areas to consider critically is the condition of the wood tub grinder wear parts. They are the heart of the grinding equipment and if neglected, they are likely to cause serious flops in the production of the machine. The key areas that you should zero in include the cutting parts. Make sure that the condition of the hummer is maintained. You must also ensure that the cutting blades or teeth are maintained in the best condition possible. If they are worn out, have them replaced immediately. You must also check the moving parts such as belts and bearing since they are likely to affect the overall efficiency of the machine.

Sharpening grinder wear parts

The main cutting wear parts of a wood tub grinder include the hammer and the grinder. For a quality machine, these parts are constructed from high-quality materials (steel body and carbide tip). The tip of the cutting parts is the most critical when it comes to the performance and productivity of the machine. For the tungsten carbide, they can get blunt and dull but they can also be sharpened to restore their condition. They should be sharpened regularly for the machine to hit maximum productivity.

Pick the Right Task

Just like the rest of the industrial machines, wood tub grinders are categorized by their capacity and the size of the task they can handle. That is why it is important to check the horsepower of the machine and not the physical size. Then ensure that the utilized to the maximum by using on the right condition. The grinder can only work in the brushed and small tree limbs, don’t try large tree limbs. Similarly, it should not be underutilized. Use the grinder on the right tasks and it will be easy to maximize its production.

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