Tips To Keeping Your Trencher Teeth In Good Order

Tips To Keeping Your Trencher Teeth In Good Order

One of the biggest challenges with digging machine sis maintaining their tools in good order. With most of these tools being the main cutting tools, they are exposed to harsh conditions, and that is why they are likely to wear down very easily than most of the other parts. However, there are ways that you can keep your trencher teeth in good condition for a longer time. That is what this article will be looking into. Most of these things are quite simple, and you can do them by yourself. Check out the following:

Invest In Quality

Investing in quality tools is key when it comes to the longevity of the trencher teeth. You may do everything to keep your trencher cutter tools in good order, but if the quality is low, you will never achieve that. That is why it is important to invest in quality tools right from the start. In most cases, these machines come with quality teeth, but the problem is the replacement. Therefore, start with investing in high-quality trencher teeth.

Always Clean Teeth After Work

Do you know that most of the wear of trencher teeth is initiated by the dirt and dust on the tools? Well, that is true. Some of these materials from the soil are corrosive, and that is what increases the wear on the cutter tools. Therefore, you can do a lot in maintaining your trencher teeth in the best condition possible by just cleaning them after work. This is pretty simple and does not require a specialist to do. We highly recommend the use of pressure cleaning to ensure that all materials have been cleaned off the trencher teeth.

Always Repair Faulty Parts

As you know, a trenching machine chain has numerous teeth all round. When some of these teeth break or become faulty, it is likely to affect the effectiveness of the rest of the trencher teeth. That is because some of the load will go the other teeth hence overloading them. That is why repairs re highly recommended if you want to maintain you trencher teeth in their good order for long.

Make Regular Replacement

No matter how careful you are, some of the trencher teeth will wear out or get damaged beyond repair. That is where you need to make replacement immediately to avoid exposing the rest of the teeth to excessive pressure. That is another way that you can keep your trencher teeth in good condition for longer.

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