Tips to Get Efficient Performing Pengo Auger Teeth

Tips to Get Efficient Performing Pengo Auger Teeth

Once you have invested in Pengo auger teeth and installed in your drilling attachment, that is not enough to give you constant performance over an extended period. The teeth will produce excellent cutting performance initially but start deteriorating with time. This is because the wear down will be taking a toll on teeth. The result will be a low efficiency of the drilling machine and accelerated wear of the rest of the parts. Consequently, the cost of repair and the maintenance of the machine will reduce significantly.

Having efficient performing cutter tools on your auger attachment comes with numerous advantages. It improves the overall efficiency and performance of the drilling machine. But how do you ensure that efficient performance of the Pengo auger teeth is maintained over an extended period? Well, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. Check out the following:

Maintenance is Crucial: The major reason that causes poor performance of the auger teeth is lack of proper maintenance. But most of the time, the term maintenance is usually misunderstood by most people especially newbies. If you are using your Pengo auger teeth(click here to know more about it) often, then you need to ensure they are regularly checked and maintained. The reason why most auger teeth fail badly is because they are neglected until the next recommended maintenance date. Make sure that the teeth are regularly maintained. Checking the condition of the auger teeth after every task is highly recommended. That will help you identify the fault early and fix it to maintain a constant and efficient performance.

Sharpen the Tip Regularly: The reason why the cutting performance of auger teeth could be going down is due dulled or blunt tip. In such cases, the only way out is to have the tip sharpened so that it can regain its original form. This is something you can do on your own or hire a professional to it for you. It is recommended that the sharpening of the shank should be done regularly to keep the teeth in good shape.

Proper Teeth Use: Pengo auger teeth comes in different varieties. Each teeth set is designed for a specific condition. There are rock auger teeth, soil auger teeth, and so on. For instance, it will result in poor teeth efficiency if you use soil auger teeth for rock conditions. Therefore, ensure that you are using the teeth for the right conditions.

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