Steps On How To Do Wood Chipper Blades Replacement

Steps On How To Do Wood Chipper Blades Replacement

Do you have plans to replace your wood chipper blades? Well, they are a few things that you need to consider for a proper replacement. If you have already bought the wood chipper blades replacement, then the next thing should be about the replacement work.

There are two things that you need to consider. First, you need to choose between replacing the parts yourself of hiring someone to do the work. But if you choose to do the replacement yourself, this article is for. You have put together some of the crucial steps on how to make wood chipper blades replacement. Check out the following:

Step 1

The first step is all about your safety. Make sure that you are taking your safety seriously so that you don’t get injured in the process. Wood chippers are very dangerous machines, and thus they should be handled with care. The first thing should be turning off the engine and disconnect it from power. Disconnect the spark plug and remove the key to safety. This will ensure that no one will accidentally turn on the engine.

Step 2

Put on heavy gloves. To do wood chipper blades replacement, you need to keep your hands protected from possible cuts as you are dealing with metals. Removing the Allen bolds requires the use of some force, and this might cause the hands to develop some kinds of Blisters. So get the heavy glove that will be able to withstand the impact of the spanners and other hard and heavy tools that will be used.

Step 3

Now it’s the time to remove the blades.  Start with removing the Allen bolts holding the blades to the disk. You can easily identify blades because they look like the steel blocks bolted on a revolving part. Removing the old blades may require some work and mallet may be needed, especially if the old blades are rusty or have been a very long time since you changed them

Step 4

The next and last wood chipper blades replacement step is Installing the new blades. Once you remove the old blades, you need to compare them with the new ones. This is to ensure that they are similar in all features. Once you’re satisfied, torque the bolt as recommended. After firmly bolting the blades, spin the shipper by hand to ensure that the spacing is okay. The blades should not be in contact with each other. If the spacing is properly done, then you are good to go with new blades.

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