Reasons Why Your Grinder Wear Parts Are Wearing Down Really Fast

Reasons Why Your Grinder Wear Parts Are Wearing Down Really Fast

Have you noticed that you grinder wear parts have been wearing down really fast? Well, if you have been doing frequent repairs and replacement more than ever before, then that is an indication that the rate of wear and tear of wear parts has increased. But what could be the reason for the accelerated wear of your grinder wear parts such as the teeth? Well, this can be explained from a number of angles depending on how the machine has been used. Here are some of the common causes of high wear down of grinder wear parts:

Type of Material

One of the major causes of an increased rate of wear is the type of material being ground. There are various types of wood material that the grinder can work. But each type material has certain types of teeth that excel in grinding them. For instance, there are soft materials such as the weed which the common grinder teeth work fine. But if you are grinding tree limbs, then you would be required to invest in special teeth designed to excel in such conditions. If you grinder wear parts such as teeth are wearing down really quick, then you could be using wrong teeth for your wood grinding.

Quality of the Teeth

Another reason that can explain the fast wearing down of your grinder wear parts is the quality of teeth that you are using. The market has all the qualities of grinder wear parts depending on how much you want to spend. There are also fake and counterfeit products in the market as well. For the newbies in the market, it can be very difficult to identify the best quality of teeth, and you could as well be the victim of inferior quality wear parts. So if your grinder wear parts are wearing off at a fast rate, check the quality of the teeth that you are using.

Lack of regular Maintenance

The level of maintenance could also be the reason why your grinder wear parts are wearing down really fast. How frequently do you maintain your machine? This is an important factor that you need to consider if you are experiencing a high rate of wear and tear. If you don’t do regular maintenance of the machine wear parts, then it could be the problem. Regular maintenance helps you to identify the problem and fix it before it becomes worse.

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