IF Your Auger Teeth Are Failing, Try These Tips

IF Your Auger Teeth Are Failing, Try These Tips

If your drilling tools are failing gradually and you’ve noticed a gradual increment of fall in performance and productivity, then it simply means that the cutting tools are not in good condition. What you need is to fix your teeth to ensure that they are restored to their original condition. There are various ways that you can achieve that, but there are some that are more effective than others. Here are tips that can help you fix you failing auger teeth.

Assess Teeth Condition

The first most important thing that you need to do is checking the condition of the teeth. That’s a very crucial thing to do since it could be that what you think is a problem is not. Therefore you need to assess the condition of the cutter tools to ensure that the measures that you are planning to take to are correct to fix the problem. Don’t rush to buy auger teeth replacement since the problem could simply be solved by sharpening the edges. Therefore, make a proper assessment before you can start with fixing the problem.

Fix the Problem

Once you have assessed the condition, the next thing should be the fixing the problem. Depending on the finding that you made while assessing the condition of the teeth, you should be able to develop a plan that will be able to fix the problem causing poor performance. In most cases, a repair of the faulty tooth/teeth would simply fix the problem. In most cases, sharpening of the teeth tip or replacing the faulty carbide tip would be the perfect way to deal with the problem.

If the condition is serious in that you can’t fix the problem by just a repair, then you need to consider t. That will bring in new teeth that will improve the performance of the drilling machine. However, you must ensure that you’ve replaced with quality teeth.

Maintain a proper Performance

Don’t forget that having had fixed the problem does not mean that it will not occur again. You must always ensure that you are surfacing you drilling tools regularly. That’s the only way that you can ensure that problem will not recur any time soon. Proper maintenance should be about making sure that the auger teeth are checked on a regular basis. Have the drilling attachment check after drilling to help identify the problem before it is too late.

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