Critical Features of foundation drilling tools

Critical Features of foundation drilling tools

Foundation is without doubt one of the most machine intensive drilling and where the quality the equipment and tools including wear parts is paramount. Foundation tool is critical when it comes to delivering the need peak performance of the machine. Due to the nature of the condition that these teeth are exposed to, quality is one of the critical features when it comes to these tools.

There are critical features that make excellent foundation tools. These are features that make drilling tools to deliver as per the expectations of the user. Here are key features that you need to consider when it comes to selecting the right foundation tools for you drilling equipment:

Good Quality

It is recommended that you first check the quality of teeth because everything after that will be useless if the quality is bad. Therefore, you need to check the kind of material that has been used for the construction of the tools. There are various types of materials used in the market, but for the foundation drilling, you need to have the best in the market. To get the quality tool for foundation drilling, you must ensure that the body is made from the highest grade of steel such as carbon steel or steel alloys. The tip of the teeth should be made from tungsten carbide.

High Strength

If the quality of the teeth is good, then you should consider checking the strength aspect of the tools. There are various ways that high strength of the foundation tool can be achieved, but some of the methods are better than others. The most recommended measure of strength is the treatment that teeth are taken through during manufacturing. The body or the steel part of the foundation tools should be heat treated to achieve the high strength features.

High Resistant to Wear

Foundation tools should offer incredibly high resistance to wear and abrasion features. That is because most of the foundation drilling is about exposing tool to extreme wear and abrasive conditions. Otherwise, you will have a problem of high cost of repairing and replacing tools while drilling. With resistance to wear and abrasion features, you will have less maintenance and consistent performance.

Extended Lifespan

Quality, high strength and wear resistant foundation drilling tools have an extended lifespan. Since they wear less, it simply means you will enjoy their services for longer. That will definitely translate to a reduced cost of maintenance. These are key features of good foundation tools.


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