Avoid These Reckless Uses OF Pengo Auger Teeth

Avoid These Reckless Uses OF Pengo Auger Teeth

Using auger machine and working with auger equipment are two different things. What some people do, especially newbies and inexperienced operators, is using their auger equipment. That is why they complain about the machine tools wearing off too fast, the auger machine breaking down often. But what they don’t know is that they are usually the problem and not the machine.

There are several reckless uses of auger attachments, be it Pengo auger or any other brand, that causes the cutter tools to wear down very fast.  If it is Pengo machine, you will find that your pengo auger teeth are wearing down very fast. Some of these mistakes may look normal from a common man’s perspective but technically, they contribute heavily to the performance of the machine. Here are some of the reckless mistakes you must avoid:

High Pressure

High pressure may be seen as the best way to finish a piece of within the shortest time possible. But this is a wrong approach. In fact, that is one of the reckless mistakes that end up costing you heavily in terms of maintenance. What is important to note is that that there are limits or set limits that the operator should not exceed. Whether you are a skid steer or a hydraulic drive, there is always a limit to the force that you can apply. Anything above that will lead to high rate of wear and abrasion of you Pengo auger teeth if you are using a Pengo machine.

Poor Cooling

Whether you are doing foundation drilling or poling, you must ensure that the machine is adequately cooled. Note that the cutter teeth are exposed to very high temperatures while drilling. If the generated heat is not removed instantly, the rate of wear and abrasion to teeth increases significantly. But the cooling systems differ from one machine to the other. If you are doing poling, removing the auger from the hole is the best way to cool off the teeth. For foundation, water is used. If you are poling, you must ensure that you are removing the auger from the hole on regular intervals. Don’t keep it in there for long hoping to improve productivity. What you will be doing is increasing the rate of wear and tear.


Third and the last is regular and proper maintenance. To most newbies, as long as the machine is operating, there is no problem. That is not true. You auger machine must be maintained regularly to help identify faults before it is too late. That is the best way to keep you pengo auger teeth(click here to know more about it) in good condition for long.

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