3 Main Road Milling Machine Wear Parts

3 Main Road Milling Machine Wear Parts

Milling machines are some of the most complex and specialized equipment in road construction. They are also the most exposed machines to a high level of stress and strain. That is why they are prone to a high rate of wear and tear. But for the cold planer to operate effectively, it also requires to be fitted with the quality wear parts. But what are the main wear parts of a road milling machine? Well, most people know of the cutting tools, but there is more than that. Here are the key road milling machine wear parts:

The Milling Drum

Among the essential tools in a road milling machine is the milling drum. It is also the biggest tool in terms of size in a cold planer. Milling drum supports other wear parts that are critical in determining the performance of a cold planer. It is the part of the machine that rotates thus enabling the machine to cut through the pavement. What is also important to note about the milling drum is that it determines key parameters when it comes to milling and that includes milling width and depth. Therefore, it is one of the crucial tools that determines the performance of the machine.

Cutting tools

Cutting tools are also referred to as cutter teeth/ milling teeth/ milling bits or rotating point-attack cutting tools. These are the tools that do the actual cutting off the pavement, and that is why they are referred to as the cutter teeth. Due to the extreme stress and strain, they are exposed to, these tools should be constructed from the highest grade of material in the market. Milling bit body should be made from high-quality alloys of steel while the tip should be tungsten carbide. The two materials are resistant to wear and abrasion thus giving the milling bits longer lifespan.

 Tool Holder

Tool holders or what most people refer to as the teeth holders are also crucial wear parts. These parts are attached to the milling drums, and they hold the milling bits in position. They must also be made from the high-grade material such as the forged steel or alloys of steel to ensure their effectiveness. They must also check regularly for wear since they are also exposed high levels of stress and strain during the milling process. They should be repaired and replaced when necessary.

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